Nils Oudhuis

Head In Nichola's Sports Academy

What is Central Sensitization?

Very excited that prof. dr. Jo Nijs wanted to make a short online lecture about central sensitization! 🙂 It is an interesting and important topic for physiotherapists! He will answer these two questions: 1. What is central sensitization and what are the underlying mechanisms? 2. For treatment purposes, does it matter wheter a patient with […]

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Just Load It!

Great blogpost by Erik Meira where he explains why we should load our tissues! 🙂 Erik Meira is a physical therapist who has authored several articles and textbook chapters and has lectured privately and at conferences sponsored through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), and the National Athletic Trainers’ Association […]

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Discs don’t slip DAMMIT

Awesome guest blogpost by Jarod Hall about the intervertebral disc! 🙂 Our communication to our patients is very important and that begins with good understanding of the anatomy and physiology. Jarod does a great job explaining why we shouldn’t be fearful for our back and that a disc can’t slip. Jarod Hall is a physio, clinic […]

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Functional hamstring rehabilitation

New guest blogpost about functional hamstring rehabilitation! I am very excited and honoured that Tom Goom wanted to write a blogpost about hamstring rehabilitation. Check out his awesome website: Great information there! Tom Goom is a physio, researcher and lead lecturer on the Running Repairs Course. He’s written extensively on running injury management and […]

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Health literacy

Tailoring health information and health literacy. First guest blogpost! 🙂 Bob Vermeeren-de Groot, a dutch physio- and manual therapist, Msc. His expertise domain is pain in general and he predominantly treats people with spine, shoulder and hip pain. He works in a small community and this is a reason why he became interested in public […]

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