Physio Adventure Camp

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The Physio Adventure Camp:

Weekend courses for Physiotherapists are often pretty boring.
Why not make it more fun?
Yes! Introducing the Physio Adventure Camp!
You will learn from an expert about a popular physio topic in the mornings. (yet to be decided)
Then we all do fun outdoor activities together while staying in a beautiful French Chalet with a hot tub and a
professional chef is cooking all our meals.
Normally, a weekend course is more to help your patients, but the Physio Adventure Camp is also for you!
Give yourself a great learning holiday and make new memories! 🙂
This will be a great experience and a chance to meet like-minded people!

We are now in the planning phase:

Travel period and location:

The plan is to organize this camp in the summer of 2025 at the same location as the Physio Running Camp in France.
This will be in Montriond, close to Morzine.
Morzine is one of the top locations for (downhill) mountain biking in the world.
Most of the ski lifts are transformed in the summer to fit mountain bikes, so many routes can be explored.
They offer top-notch quality mountain bikes for rent as well.
We have the Lac du Montriond very close by, which is a beautiful lake in the French Alps.
We can do swimming, SUP, kayaking and running here.
There are also other outdoor activities in Morzine, like rock climbing, paragliding, canyoning, and hiking.

This will be probably between 1100 euros and 1300 euros.
The price will exclude more expensive activities like Paragliding and Mountain biking because not everyone will want to do these
and then they don’t have to pay for that activity.

If you are interested in joining this Physio Adventure Camp, please send a message via
the WhatsApp button on the right-hand bottom corner, to add yourself to the waiting list.
You will be contacted first to be able to secure your ticket, before the ticket sales start.


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