Physio Cycling Camp Girona, Spain



The Physio Cycling Camp Girona, Spain:


The first Physio Cycling Camp in Girona is sold out.

If you want to join the waiting list, please send us a Whatsapp message via the button on the right-hand bottom
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Are you a physio who loves to cycle and also travel? Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a way to combine all three?
Yes! Introducing the Physio Cycling Camp In Girona, Spain!
Learning together, socializing, riding, and having fun, in a beautiful environment!

You will learn all things cycling from expert Bryan McCullough. We all ride together through the amazing countryside around Girona: The “Mecca of Cycling”!
This Physio Cycling Camp is open to all healthcare professionals like Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Sports Medicine Doctors, Massage Therapists, as well as bike fitters.

Our stay will be in a beautiful villa in the Girona countryside and have a chef cook you your breakfasts, lunch, and dinners.
This will be a great experience and a chance to meet new, like-minded people!



What does it include:

  • 6 nights accommodation in a beautiful villa in the Girona countryside
  • 6 days continental buffet breakfast every morning
  • 6 days lunch (sandwiches incl. vegetarian options)
  • 6 days two-course dinner. (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be all made by our chef)
  • 4 mornings of interactive learning with The Cycling Course by Bryan McCullough
  • Upskill your clinical practice, gain an in-depth understanding of cycling injury assessment and treatment of common injuries
  • Guided “no drop” social rides with our local guide, for seasoned or rookie riders, with multiple pre-made itineraries. Discovering awe-inspiring routes on amazingly quiet roads in the global cycling Mecca that is Girona.
  • Free time to socialize and connect with Bryan and fellow course attendants during the activities and in the evenings
  • Enjoy an amazing experience!


Travel period: 1-7 June 2024.



Not included:

  • Travel expenses to Girona, Spain
  • Bike rental, if needed. You can also bring your own bike.

THE CYCLING COURSE with Bryan McCullough

Course Content

Do you see cyclists in your clinic and want to be able to manage them more effectively? This course takes a comprehensive approach to cover all aspects of cycling-related injuries both on and off the bike.

You will be able to advance your knowledge and skills of assessing cycling injuries, understanding cycling biomechanics and its impact on performance and injuries as well as an introduction to bike fitting and how it can be applied in the clinical setting.

This immersive four-day course will cover both theory and practical elements with live bike fitting and group exercise sessions.


• How and why Cyclists get Injured
• A primer on Cycling Biomechanics

Managing Cycling Injuries
• Common Injuries in Cycling
• Assessing the Injured Cyclist
• The Cycling Foot – Interventions at foot level – shoes/insoles/wedges/shims

Bike Fit
• Bike Fitting – History and State of the Art
• How to apply bike fitting in a clinical setting

Off The Bike
• Treatment Techniques for Cycling Injuries
• Early stage injury rehab
• Strength training for cyclists


Course Outcomes
• Have a solid grounding in cycling biomechanics and how they may contribute to injury.
• Be able to successfully assess and diagnose cycling injuries and probable contributing factors.
• Identifying sources of rider biomechanics and asymmetry that may lead to problems on the bike.
• Understand the basic concepts of injury management through to return to riding.
• To be able to develop, apply, and progress a cycling-specific rehab program.

Bryan McCullough Bike Fitting

More about your course instructor:

Bryan McCullough is a Specialist Cycling Physiotherapist, having worked in musculoskeletal medicine for nearly 20 years. In 2012 he completed his Masters in Sports Medicine where his research project focused on injury patterns in triathletes. Since then Bryan has worked in leading sports medicine clinics in London as both a physio and bike fitter while also lecturing on the topic at the Master’s level.

Bryan’s passion for focusing further on the cycling community led him to set up The Bike The Body, a clinic focused on cycling-specific physiotherapy and clinical cycling analysis (physio-led bike fitting).

During this time Bryan has worked with cyclists of all abilities from new riders up to seasoned club riders, professionals, and ultra-endurance athletes. Bryan has also been featured in many cycling publications such as Cycling Plus, Cycling Weekly,, and presented videos with GCN.

His clinic is based just outside Bath in the UK and when he is not in the clinic he is most likely out riding his bike!

You can follow him through his socials on @thebikethebody and visit Bryan’s website HERE.

Bryan McCullough Physiotherapy



Can Jan is a Catalan country house that is located in an ideal spot in the middle of nature, specifically in Sant Miquel de Campmajor, 10 minutes from Banyoles, Besalú, and Santa Pau.

The outside is a nature paradise where you will hear the crickets and birds chirp. It has a porch area with a barbecue and table for 25 people. The fenced pool has a tropical turquoise color highlighted by the tiles and clear sun beds placed around it.

An outdoor area from where nature is breathed through the 4 corners.
Just before going into the house, outside of the entrance, you will find a playground with games, swings, and two football goals.
2019: Award for the best tourist apartment adapted to sports tourism of the Girona Awards for Apartments and Holiday Villas.

Can Jan.

Credit: Naturaki


Can Jan

Credit: Naturaki

Swimming Pool

Credit: Naturaki

Games Room

Credit: Naturaki

Living Room

Credit: Naturaki

Dining Room

Credit: Naturaki


Credit: Naturaki



Saturday June 1st:

3 pm-5 pm: arrive, welcome meeting
7 pm-9 pm: Dinner made by our chef

Sunday June 2nd:

8 am: Continental buffet breakfast
9 am-1 pm: The Cycling Course Day 1 w/Bryan
2 pm-5 pm: Let’s ride through the amazing countryside
5 pm-6 pm: Free time to enjoy/mingle/rest and relax
7 pm-9 pm: Dinner made by our chef

Monday June 3rd: 

8 am: Continental buffet breakfast
9 am-1 pm: The Cycling Course Day 2 w/Bryan
2 pm-5 pm: Cycling!
5 pm-6 pm: Free time to enjoy/mingle/rest and relax
7 pm-9 pm: Dinner made by our chef

Tuesday June 4th:

8 am: Continental buffet breakfast
9 am-1 pm: The Cycling Course Day 3 w/Bryan
2 pm-5 pm: On our bikes!
5 pm-6 pm: Free time to enjoy/mingle/rest and relax
7 pm-9 pm: Dinner made by our chef

Wednesday June 5th:

8 am: Continental buffet breakfast
9 am-1 pm: The Cycling Course Day 4 w/Bryan
2 pm-5 pm: Let’s ride!
5 pm-6 pm: Free time to enjoy/mingle/rest and relax
7 pm-9 pm: Dinner made by our chef

Thursday June 6th:

8 am: Continental buffet breakfast
Free day to explore the area, do other activities, and/or go for a ride again.
Possible activities: hot air balloon, hiking, trip to Barcelona, relaxing day at one of the Costa Brava beaches.
7 pm-9 pm: Dinner made by our chef

Friday June 7th:

8 am: Continental buffet breakfast
Say farewell and leave fully equipped with the latest cycling knowledge, new physio connections, and amazing cycling memories!


We will have different levels in the group, so every day we will have an easier route and a more challenging route.


Girona and surroundings:

Girona, renowned for its world-class cycling opportunities, offers a year-round haven for cyclists. Catalonia’s radiant golden light bathes the smooth, serene roads and permeates through the lush forests onto endless gravel tracks, creating the perfect setting for your cycling getaway.



Our local guide possesses an intimate knowledge of the region’s road and trail network, born from an unquenchable thirst for two-wheeled adventures. Join us to savor the thrill of our unique routes, often featuring encounters with professional cyclists as they prepare for their major races.
Whether you are a seasoned road cyclist, a gravel riding novice, or somewhere in between, Girona caters to all, offering an array of routes to challenge and inspire every rider.

In sum, Girona is the ultimate destination to hop on your bike and embark on an unforgettable journey.


Cycling through Girona


Lunch in Girona


Rocacorba view



Costa Brava:

Costa Brava


Costa Brava cycling



Travel options:

You can book your flight to Girona or Barcelona. From the airport of Barcelona, you can take a bus to Girona where we can pick you up to bring you to the villa.
If you have your car and live reasonably close, you can drive with your car to the villa.

Choose a Room:

You can choose between 3 room types:

  • Twin room (2 people in total)
  • Three Beds per Room (3 people in total)
  • Four Beds per Room (4 people in total)

UPDATE: For the twin room, there is only 1 more bed available for a female.
Please send a message via the Whatsapp button if you are interested in this option.


If you have any questions, please contact us via the Whatsapp button on the right side of the screen.


Twin room

Credit: Naturaki


3 person room

Credit: Naturaki


4 person room

Credit: Naturaki


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Additional information


1 Bed in four-person room (Male only), 1 Bed in three-person room (Male only), 1 Bed in two-person room (Female only), Ticket for everything but no accomodation