Physio Running Camp France 2024 with Aidan O’Flaherty



The Physio Running Camp:

Are you a physio who loves to run and also travel?
Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a way to combine all three?
Yes! Introducing the Physio Running Camp!
You will learn all things running from expert Aidan O’Flaherty.
Then we all run together through the amazing French Alps while staying in a beautiful Chalet with an in-house chef.
Normally, a 2-day weekend course is boring and it’s more to help your patients, but the Physio Running Camp is also for you!
Give yourself a great learning holiday and make new memories! 🙂
This will be a great experience and a chance to meet like-minded people!


UPDATE: This course is not on sale anymore.
If you are interested in joining this Physio Running Camp, please send a message via
the WhatsApp button on the right-hand bottom corner, to add yourself to the waiting list.
You will be contacted first to be able to secure your ticket, before the ticket sales start.


What does it include:


  • 6 nights accommodation in a luxury French Chalet(3 room types available)
  • Continental French buffet breakfast every morning
  • 6 days lunch (sandwiches incl. vegetarian options)
  • 5 days two-course delicious dinner prepared by our chef (main & dessert – allergy & veg options available)
  • The Running Course by Aidan O’Flaherty (full 2-day weekend course spread out over 4 mornings)
  • Rest and recover with full use of the sauna & outdoor hot tub overlooking the stunning French Alps
  • Freetime to socialize and connect with Aidan and fellow course attendants during the activities and in the evenings
  • Upskill your clinical practice, gain an in-depth understanding of running injury assessment and treatment of common injuries
  • Enjoy scenic runs along pre-mapped-out routes, take in the wonder of the French Alps, and make new friends!

Not included:
  • Chosen activities on Thursday
  • Restaurant dinner on Wednesday
  • Travel expenses
  • Transfers from the airport to Chalet

THE RUNNING COURSE with Aidan O’Flaherty


Aidan O’Flaherty: Specialized Physiotherapist 

Course Content

Are you looking to improve your outcomes when treating running-related injuries? This course will help you advance your skills in assessing and treating runners, giving you the tools to confidently return them from injury. We will look at key principles that can be applied to effectively manage common challenges when working with runners, in order to achieve optimal outcomes.

This interactive four-day course will include a mixture of both theory and practical case study work.




• Understanding running mechanics
• Exploring forces and loads during running
• A look into why runners get injured

Managing running-related injuries

• Hip-related injuries in running
• Common knee injuries in running
• Foot/ankle injuries in running
• Bone stress injuries in running

Gait analysis

• When is it appropriate to assess running gait?
• How can we assess running gait in the clinic?
• Gait retraining for running injuries and performance

Strength training for runners

• Understanding key principles of strength training for rehab and performance
• Plyometric training for runners

Running footwear

• Key considerations for the injured runner
• How can we use footwear to assist with the management of running injuries?


More about your course instructor:

Aidan O’Flaherty is a Physiotherapist specializing in running performance and the management of running-related injuries. Aidan’s passion is working with competitive athletes and recreational runners all over the world. He continues to expand his knowledge by staying up to date with current research into running injuries, biomechanics, and performance. He utilizes this knowledge to achieve the best outcomes in clinical practice. Aidan has worked in a clinic for the past 8 years and within this time has established himself as one of the top running physios in the UK, working with competitive runners, triathletes, and GB athletes that have competed in the Tokyo Olympic games. Aidan’s physio practice is based in London.


Luxury Chalet:


About the Chalet:
  • All bedrooms include access to own/shared ensuite
  • Large living space with room to relax and catch up with new friends
  • Outdoor hot tub with beautiful views
  • Sauna
  • Balconies and outside seating areas to soak in the atmosphere
  • Wifi
  • TV
  • Quiet reading areas


Location of the Chalet:

72 Chem. De La Cherry, 74110 Montriond, France

Visit the website of the Chalet with more pictures and information here:
Ferme A Jules


View from the garden
Living room
View from the outdoor hot tub


Travel period: 6-12 July 2024.


Arrival, time to settle into your surroundings – 4 pm – 7 pm
7 pm – 9 pm: Dinner prepared by our in-house chef



7 am: Run to the nearby Lac du Montriond early in the morning and have a refreshing dip!
8:30 am: Continental buffet breakfast
9:30 am-1 pm: The Running Course day one w/Aidan
1 pm: Lunch
2 pm-5 pm: We go for a short hike to a local waterfall
7 pm-9 pm: Dinner prepared by our chef



7 am: Morning run at the beautiful Lac du Montriond
8 am: Continental buffet breakfast
9:30 am-1 pm: The Running Course day one w/Aidan
1 pm: Lunch
2 pm-5 pm: Let’s go for an amazing hike!
7 pm-9 pm: Dinner made by our chef



8 am: Continental buffet breakfast
9 am-1 pm: The Running Course day one w/Aidan
1 pm: Lunch
2 pm-6 pm: Free time to enjoy/mingle/rest and relax
7 pm-9 pm: Dinner made by our chef



8 am: Continental buffet breakfast
9 am-1 pm: The Running Course day one w/Aidan
1 pm: Lunch
2 pm-3 pm: Time to run one of the many beautiful routes around Montriond
3 pm-6 pm: Free time
7 pm-9 pm: Dinner at a local restaurant (not included in price)



8 am: Continental buffet breakfast
9 am-10 am: Prepare our packed lunches for a day of adventure! Sandwich ingredients provided
10 pm-4 pm: Option to take part in local activities – Mountain Biking, SUP, Rafting, Paragliding & more (not included in the camp package)
4 pm-6 pm: Free time/run
7 pm-9 pm: Dinner prepared by our chef



8 am: Continental buffet breakfast and prepare to depart Chalet
Say farewell and leave fully equipped with the latest running knowledge, new physio connections, and amazing running memories!



Dining Room 


Enjoy Dinner Together



Testimonial by Dan Nastase:

“Hmm, Physio Running Camp. “That sounds really cool!” i thought to myself…
It was a new concept of learning and traveling for me. Living for a week with 20 other physios, was in the same time exciting and also a bit concerning.
Fast forward at the end of the camp, while descending the road from the mountain chalet direction the airport, tearful eyes of gratitude, but
mostly regret, that one of the best weeks was ending.
Difficult to put in words this experience of learning, connecting, running, and having fun. To be able to share experience with fellow physios from all around the world, with a cup of coffee after a run and a swim in one of the most beautiful mountain lakes you could dream of, is a huge privilege and something to be forever grateful.
The teaching was top class, scientific based and updated, and the way of Aidan of presenting the material in a clear and engaging manner, kept the class interested and encouraged participation.
Had a blast with this physio running camp. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Can’t wait to do the next one!”


Testimonial by Ann-Marrie Brennan:

Thank you so much Nils & Aidan for a wonderful week at the physiotherapy running camp. From the moment I arrived at the beautiful chalet in Morzine and met the other attendees, I knew it was going to be an incredible experience.
Aidan is an enthusiastic and passionate teacher. Throughout the 4 days of workshops I was able to revise and enhance my physiotherapy skills as well as to focus deeper on running related injuries and strength training for runners.
A big bonus for me was having the food at the chalet. This allowed me to focus my energy on learning, running and socializing. The proximity to Lac de Montriond made running throughout the day very accessible and being surrounded by energetic physiotherapists meant that someone was always willing to join me.
To anyone passionate about physiotherapy and running, I highly recommend the camp. I am eagerly awaiting the next one!


Travel options:


Having a car would be easiest, so you can also explore the area yourself on Thursday.

You can travel to Geneve airport and rent a car.
You can also book a transfer from Geneve airport to the chalet via this website


Lac du Montriond


Choose a Room:


You can choose between 3 room types:
  • Twin Room (2 people in total)
  • Twin Bed in a room with Bunk Bed (4 people in the room in total)
  • Bunk Bed (4 people in the room in total)


Option 1:

Double or Twin bedroom with double bed or twin beds (5 rooms available)

For couples, this can be booked by booking for two people.

Twin room (can be separated)

Option 2: 

Twin bed in a room with a bunk bed (3 rooms available)

4 people will sleep in this room. 2 people on twin beds (beds can be separated) and 2 on a bunk bed.

Twin beds in a 4-person room (can be separated)

Option 3:

Bunk Bed in a Twin Room (3 rooms available)

Bunk bed with in total 4 people in the room
Bunk bed as shown in the picture below.

Bunk beds in a Twin Room

You can find more information about the Chalet and room types here:
Ferme A Jules


You can be notified by email via the Physio Running Camp email newsletter.
You can sign up below to get updates on the Physio Running Camp:


Additional information


Twin Bed in room with 2 people total, Twin Bed in room with bunk beds (4 people total in room), Bunk Bed (Female only)