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The Physio Running Camp Kenya:


The first Physio Running Camp in Kenya is sold out.

If you want to join the waiting list, please send us a Whatsapp message via the button on the right-hand bottom corner of the website.


Are you a physio who loves to run and also travel? Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a way to combine all three? Yes! Introducing the Physio Running Camp Kenya! You will learn all things running from experts Aidan O’Flaherty and Hugo van den Broek. Then we all run together through the amazing Kenyan highlands around Iten: The home of Champions! We will have Kenyan pacers helping you with your pace. The perfect altitude training, because Iten is located at 2400 meters above sea level, to prepare you for your (half) marathon in the Spring of 2024. This is a great experience and a chance to meet new, like-minded people! While you are in Kenya, you could combine this trip with a Safari!

Home of Champions
Home of Champions

What does it include:

  • 9 nights accommodation
  • 9 days continental buffet breakfast every morning
  • 9 days lunch (sandwiches incl. vegetarian options)
  • 9 days two-course dinner
  • Transport from Eldoret Airport to Iten
  • 4 mornings of interactive learning with The Running Course by Aidan O’Flaherty
  • 2 running seminars by running expert Hugo van den Broek
  • Upskill your clinical practice, gain an in-depth understanding of running injury assessment and treatment of common injuries
  • Improve your running and maximize your conditioning to prepare yourself for your marathons in the Spring!
  • Run alongside an experienced Kenyan pacer
  • Freetime to socialize and connect with Aidan and Hugo and fellow course attendants during the activities and in the evenings
  • Professional photos will be captured of the group throughout the runs in the breathtaking Kenyan countryside.
  • Official camp ‘Kenyan running’ t-shirt
  • Enjoy scenic runs along the famous Kenyan dirt roads, and make new friends!
  • A “Once in a Lifetime” experience!
Running with Pacer and Hugo van den Broek
Running with Pacer and Hugo van den Broek

Not included:

  • Travel expenses to Nairobi and Eldoret
  • Lunch at restaurant Kerio View

THE RUNNING COURSE with Aidan O’Flaherty

Aidan O’Flaherty: Specialized Physiotherapist 

Course Content

Are you looking to improve your outcomes when treating running-related injuries? This course will help you advance your skills in assessing and treating runners, giving you the tools to confidently return them from injury. We will look at key principles that can be applied to effectively manage common challenges when working with runners, in order to achieve optimal outcomes. This interactive four-day course will include a mixture of both theory and practical case study work.


• Understanding running mechanics • Exploring forces and loads during running • A look into why runners get injured

Managing running-related injuries

• Hip-related injuries in running • Common knee injuries in running • Foot/ankle injuries in running • Bone stress injuries in running

Gait analysis

• When is it appropriate to assess running gait? • How can we assess running gait in the clinic? • Gait retraining for running injuries and performance

Strength training for runners

• Understanding key principles of strength training for rehab and performance • Plyometric training for runners

Running footwear

• Key considerations for the injured runner • How can we use footwear to assist with the management of running injuries?

More about your course instructor:

Aidan O’Flaherty is a Physiotherapist specializing in running performance and the management of running-related injuries. Aidan’s passion is working with competitive athletes and recreational runners all over the world. He continues to expand his knowledge by staying up to date with current research into running injuries, biomechanics, and performance. He utilizes this knowledge in order to achieve the best outcomes in clinical practice. Aidan has worked in a clinic for the past 8 years and within this time has established himself as one of the top running physios in the UK, working with competitive runners, triathletes, and GB athletes that have competed in the Tokyo Olympic games. Aidan’s physio practice is based in London.

Running Seminars with Hugo van den Broek:

Running seminars:
We dig into the research surrounding mental strength training and how our minds can have a beneficial or detrimental
impact on what our bodies can achieve. Hugo will take us on a journey through the mind, including:– How it acts as a ‘Central Governer’ to protect us from harm– How much does our mental energy impact our sports performance
– How we bring our mind into the right state for top performances
– Practical techniques for building a strong mindset, including visualization, meditation, and self-talk
The other seminar will be called ‘The golden rules of training’. Hugo uses a combination of scientific knowledge and practical experience to explain important training principles. He also shows us why elite runners are masters in applying these training principles and what amateur runners can run from the elites. Some examples include:
– How to balance stress and recovery
– How variation in training helps to raise your level
– How to apply principles such as progression and specificity of training

More about your instructor: Hugo is a former elite marathon runner, with a personal best of 2h12. He has coached amateur and elite runners from all over the world. His athletes ran at the 2008, 2012, and 2016 Olympics and had World Best performances in 2009 and 2015. Hugo has an incredible amount of training knowledge, based on his (more than) 30 years of running experience, his M.Sc. degree in Human Movement Sciences, and the fact that he has been training, meeting, and living with (elite and amateur) athletes from all over the world since he was young. Hugo has hosted camps in Iten since 2014. Runners of varying abilities who have attended Hugo’s camps describe the experience as life-changing.



High-quality and affordable accommodation in the heart of Iten The Hub offers guests from all over the world the opportunity to stay in the Home of Champions at an affordable price while enjoying the comfort of high-quality, full board, or self-catered accommodation.​ We created The Hub in 2021 to provide athletes a simple, quiet, contemporary alternative to other training centers in Iten; a place to live and feel at home while you focus on your training.

Hub Iten
Hub Iten


Travel period: 10-19 March 2024.


Sunset Kenya
Sunset Kenya




Sunday: arrive at Eldoret airport and you will be transported in a van to Iten, welcome meeting

Monday – Easy morning run on the dirt roads of Iten with Kenyan pacers and coach – Physio course with Aidan O’Flaherty – Guided walk through Iten, where the guests are made familiar with the town. We finish with a drink at View Point

Tuesday – Leave for Eldoret with private vans early morning – Visit the track to see elite runners train – Do our own session after this – After this go to the house of former world-class runner Sylvia Kibet where we have breakfast and a seminar about Kenyan running

Wednesday – Morning run on beautiful forest trails with Kenyan pacers and coach – Physio course with Aidan O’Flaherty – Guided visit to St. Patrick’s High School

Thursday – Coached workouts in Iten, with pacers and coaches – Running seminar by Hugo van den Broek

Friday – Morning run on the dirt roads of Iten with Kenyan pacers and coach – Physio course with Aidan O’Flaherty – Visit a traditional Kalenjin household, where we meet the family at their house and they prepare a traditional meal for us

Saturday – Long run at the Sing’ore forest – Running seminar by Hugo van den Broek

Sunday No run (rest) – Physio course with Aidan O’Flaherty – Lunch at restaurant Kerio view – Performance of traditional singers

Monday – Morning run on the dirt roads of Iten with Kenyan pacers and coach – Meet and greet with top athlete

Tuesday – Leave for Eldoret with private vans early morning – Track session with coach and pacers / plus watch the elite runners – After this time buy souvenirs – Departure later in the day

Kenya running in forest Iten
Kenya running in forest Iten

Travel options:

You can book your flight to Nairobi. From there you need to book an in-land flight to Eldoret, where you will be picked up from the airport and get a transfer to Iten.

Iten fartlek
Iten fartlek

The Rooms:

Twin Room (2 people in total):

There are only 3 tickets/beds for a twin room left.

Be quick and don’t miss out on this awesome experience!

Room Iten
Room Iten

Single room:
Sold out!


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Twin Bed in room with 2 people total, Single Bed Room