First Physio Surf Camp Portugal June 2024



The Physio Surf Camp Portugal:

This Physio Surf Camp is sold out!
There are a few spots left for the Physio Surf Camp in September.
If you want to join the waiting list to join a future Physio Surf Camp, then you can
send a message via WhatsApp, or send a DM to the @physiosurfcamps Instagram account.


Are you a physio who loves to surf and travel? Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a way to combine these two?
Yes! Introducing the Physio Surf Camp Portugal!
Learning together, socializing, surfing, having fun, being close to nature, that is what the Physio Surf Camp is about! 🙂

You will learn all things Upper Limb from experts Andrew Cuff and Thomas Mitchell in the mornings.
They will cover the popular topics of the shoulder, elbow, and hand & wrist!
Then we all surf together at THE surf beach of Lisbon! All levels of surfers are welcome, as well as complete beginners.

Only 20min. away from Lisbon, so this is great to combine with a city trip to explore Lisbon and easy travel.
Costa da Caparica is a surfer’s paradise with a very relaxed atmosphere.

This will be a great experience and a chance to meet new, like-minded people!

What does it include:

  • 5 nights accommodation
  • 5 days continental buffet breakfast every morning
  • 2 x dinner
  • 4 mornings of interactive learning with The Complete Upper Limb Course by Andrew Cuff and Thomas Mitchell
  • Surf gear
  • 4x 2 hours of surf lessons
  • Upskill your clinical practice, gain an in-depth understanding of upper limb injury assessment and treatment
  • Freetime to socialize and connect with Andrew and Thomas and fellow course attendants during surfing and the evenings
  • Enjoy beautiful sunsets and make new friends!

Not included:

  • Travel expenses to Lisbon and Costa da Caparica.
  • Lunch.
  • 3x dinner. You can explore together with your new friends the local restaurants in Costa da Caparica or Lisbon!


The Complete Upper Limb COURSE with Andrew Cuff and Thomas Mitchell

Andrew Cuff


Thomas Mitchell


Course Content

The TCULC champions high-quality, person-centered musculoskeletal care that looks to help you move beyond joint-specific silos. With the judicious use and application of contemporary evidence, combined with real-world experience and a critical appreciation, this course will equip you ready to rise to the challenges of providing MSK care in the 21st Century.

Aimed at the frontline clinician, the TCULC will demonstrate how you can work with the person presenting with musculoskeletal disorders in your clinical setting to achieve their goals whilst also encouraging you to critique course content and delivery to collectively advance thinking and consider new directions. This course will be highly practical and interactive, fast-paced and readily applicable.

For participants to:
• consider, understand, and apply the principles of high-quality, person-centered MSK practice.
• consider, appreciate, and approach the assessment and management of MSK complaints beyond joint-specific silos.
• promote critique, reflection, and appreciation of contemporary understanding to advance thinking and consider new directions for high-value care in an ever-changing landscape.
• discuss clinical cases and various approaches to management.

Course Content.
Your TCULC will be loosely based on the following timetable, with some variability based on the specific needs of the group identified in goal setting at the start of the course. All sessions will have practical components.


Course program

Wednesday, June 19

8.30-10 am:
-Key concepts  -What does good look like in MSK?  -Goal setting
10-10.30 am:
-Red flags in the upper limb
11 am:
-Systemic presentations  -Inflammatory arthropathies
-Case studies, clinical discussion

Thursday, June 20

8.30-10 am:
-Is it the neck?  -Assessment and practical  -Upper limb entrapment neuropathies
10-10.30 am:
Case studies clinical discussion
11 am:
Assessment and measures for the shoulder and upper limb
The weak and painful shoulder

Friday, June 21

8.30-10 am:
The unstable shoulder
10-10.30 am:
The stiff and painful shoulder
11 am:
Assessment and management of the elbow
Case studies, clinical discussion

Saturday, June 22

8.30-10 am:

Tennis elbow masterclass

10-10.30 am:
Assessment of the wrist and hand
11 am:
Management of the wrist and hand
Recap on key themes, discussion, and close


Costa da Caparica is located just south of Lisbon. This former fishing village is the surfing beach for local surfers from Lisbon city and is a real hotspot for a reason. Along the 30 km long coast, you will find 100 consistent breaks.

Costa da Caparica is located south of Lisbon, divided by the Tagus River. Along the boulevard of Caparica, you will find a wide sandy beach that is divided with 7 groynes, giving you a wide choice of left and right-handers. Due to the consistent swells that come in, the sandbanks are always in a good position and you can spot beautiful A-frame beach bars.

On the boulevard, you will find several beach clubs and tasty restaurants. After a wonderful surfing session, you can relax here with a drink in hand.

Because the beach, good quality waves, the city, and the boulevard are all within easy reach, a surfing holiday in Caparica is the ideal base for a surfing trip to Lisbon.

Costa da Caparica



The SURFinn Lisbon is located in a quiet neighborhood in Caparica.
With a garden, rooftop bar, cozy seating areas, and spacious rooms and apartments, this is an ideal place for a surfing holiday.
A breakfast buffet is available every day and you can enjoy delicious dinners in the evening.
It is the ideal basis for a day full of shredding!

The Surf House

Pool bar


Relaxing in the pool




Tuesday, June 18
Day of arrival. Welcome meeting and dinner in the evening.

Wednesday, June 19
This first day of the Complete Upper Limb Course is in the morning.
Afternoon: surfing lessons.
Evening: Dinner together at the Surf House

Thursday, June 20
The second day of the Complete Upper Limb Course is in the morning.
Afternoon: surfing lessons.
Evening: Dinner at a local restaurant or in Lisbon.

Friday, June 21
The third day of the Complete Upper Limb Course is in the morning.
Afternoon: surfing lessons.
Evening: Dinner at a local restaurant or in Lisbon.

Saturday, June 22
The fourth day of the Complete Upper Limb Course is in the morning.
Afternoon: surfing lessons.
Evening: Dinner at a local restaurant or in Lisbon.

Sunday, June 23
Last day, travel back home.

Breakfast buffet


Breakfast buffet


Travel options:

You can book your flight to Lisbon. From there it is an easy 20min drive in an Uber.



The Rooms:

There are two types of rooms:

3-4 person room: 925 euro per bed

5-8 person room: 875 euro per bed


We hope to see you in Portugal!




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Additional information


1 bed in 3-4 bedroom (Female only), 1 bed in 5-8 bedroom (Female only)