The Physio Running Camp: What is it actually?

by | Feb 25, 2023 | Blog

Are you a Physiotherapist and love to run? Do you also like to treat running injuries? Do you love to travel?
Then the Physio Running Camp seems perfect for you because it combines a Physio course on running, traveling to the French Alps, staying in a beautiful Chalet, and having a chef cook us dinner. Plus you will be running together with like-minded physios through the amazing scenery.
Are you tired of boring 2-day weekend courses? Well, this is the better option! 🙂

Beautiful Chalet in the French Alps!
Enjoy the outdoor hot tub
Spacious living room

What does the Physio Running Camp include?

We will stay 7 nights in a beautiful Chalet in the French Alps and have an in-house chef cook our meals for us.
We will have 4 mornings a physio running course, led by running expert Aidan O’Flaherty. On Instagram known as @theirishphysio. You can find the course details in this LINK when you scroll down to the bottom of the page.
This is a great opportunity to run together through the Alps with like-minded people and have an amazing time.
There are fewer than 22 tickets available at the moment. The ticket sale starts Sunday 26th of February at 10 am CET.

If this is interesting to you, then you can find more information and get your tickets here via THIS LINK.