UPDATE: At the moment, the Trust me, I’m a Physiotherapist T-shirts are not for sale.
Only a few weeks of the year, the sale of the T-shirts will be open.
Keep an eye out for this on the @trustmephysiotherapist Instagram account.
Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding.

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Our goal is to connect all physiotherapists all over the world with each other to increase knowledge in our profession. We learn from each other!

On the Trust me, I’m a Physiotherapist, you find the best possible summary of the current evidence-based practice in an entertaining way, immediately applicable in clinical practice.
Learning something new is important. You become a better person by learning and challenging yourself every day.

Why learn something, if you can’t share it? You can share the information you learn with your colleagues and patients.
Through sharing the knowledge we all become a better version of ourselves.

It is a great feeling to improve yourself as a person.


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NEW Stanley Stella UNISEX   (EU sizes)
The Unisex sizes are just a bit bigger than the Male/Female, so first check out the size guide before you order your shirt.
Size M Male/Female is out of stock. You can order Unisex M instead.
Do check the size guide to be sure it’s the right size for you because M Unisex is just a bit bigger than Male/Female.


Stanley Stella MALE Shirt     (EU sizes)

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The shirts are made from high-quality organic cotton by Stanley/Stella.

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