What if…

What if people in pain would not come to physiotherapists to be passively treated….that physiotherapists are not only looking for things that are wrong in the human body (“dysfunctions”) and are fearful of movement (don’t bend, because your disc will pop out) and think that the body is vulnerable and fragile.   What if we […]

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The 5 “secrets” to get free scientific papers

The pressure to be an evidence based practitioner is increasing, and gaining more and more momentum globally, even though there are still some “dinosaurs”, as physiotherapist Adam Meakins has called them, that resist this change. “The dinosaurs I am referring to are the many iconic, influential and idolised clinicians and researchers who, despite a new […]

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Is Quadriceps H-Reflex excitability a risk factor for Patellofemoral Pain?

The Brazilian Patellofemoral Pain Research Group, coordinated by Prof. Fábio MĂ­colis de Azevedo, has been investigating innovatively the neurophysiological pathways of patients with patellofemoral pain through H-reflex. The H-reflex is a valuable tool to assess the excitability of spinal cord pathways. Two recent papers were published by our group, the first one1 reported that patients […]

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