The First Physio Running Camp: The best experience ever?

Are you a Physiotherapist and love to run? Do you also like to treat running injuries? Do you love to travel?
Then the Physio Running Camp seems perfect for you because it combines a Physio course on running, traveling to the French Alps, staying in a beautiful Chalet, and having a chef cook us dinner.
Plus you will be running together with like-minded physios through the amazing environment.
Are you tired of boring 2-day weekend courses?

Well, this is perhaps a better option! 🙂

Here are just a few pictures from the Physio Running Camp in France 2023:

You can watch the documentary we made here:


Testimonial by Dan Nastase:

“Hmm, Physio Running Camp. “That sounds really cool!” i thought to myself…
It was a new concept of learning and traveling for me. Living for a week with 20 other physios, was in the same time exciting and also a bit concerning.
Fast forward at the end of the camp, while descending the road from the mountain chalet direction the airport, tearful eyes of gratitude, but
mostly regret, that one of the best weeks was ending.
Difficult to put in words this experience of learning, connecting, running, and having fun. To be able to share experience with fellows physios from all around the world, with a cup of coffee after a run and a swim in one of the most beautiful mountain lakes you could dream of, is a huge privilege and something to be forever grateful.
The teaching was top class, scientific based and updated, and the way of Aidan of presenting the material in a clear and engaging manner, kept the class interested and encouraged participation.
Had a blast with this physio running camp. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Can’t wait to do the next one!”

Testimonial by Ann-Marrie Brennan

Thank you so much Nils & Aidan for a wonderful week at the physiotherapy running camp. From the moment I arrived at the beautiful chalet in Morzine and met the other attendees, I knew it was going to be an incredible experience.
Aidan is an enthusiastic and passionate teacher. Throughout the 4 days of workshops I was able to revise and enhance my physiotherapy skills as well as to focus deeper on running related injuries and strength training for runners.
A big bonus for me was having the food at the chalet. This allowed me to focus my energy on learning, running and socializing. The proximity to Lac de Montriond made running throughout the day very accessible and being surrounded by energetic physiotherapists meant that someone was always willing to join me.
To anyone passionate about physiotherapy and running, I highly recommend the camp. I am eagerly awaiting the next one!

When is the next one?

The next Physio Running Camp in France will be from 6-12 July 2024. Saves these dates! 🙂

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