Second Physio Surf Camp Bali with Shoulder Physio Jared Powell

The Physio Surf Camp in Dreamsea Canggu, Bali includes: -5 nights accommodation (3 room types available) -Breakfast every morning (vegan and gluten-free options) -1x BBQ on Saturday night -8 hours of surfing lessons ( beginner and intermediate levels available ) -4 mornings of Physio Shoulder Course by Jared Powell -Free Wifi and drinking water -Swimming […]

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What if…

What if people in pain would not come to physiotherapists to be passively treated….that physiotherapists are not only looking for things that are wrong in the human body (“dysfunctions”) and are fearful of movement (don’t bend, because your disc will pop out) and think that the body is vulnerable and fragile.   What if we […]

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