Webinar Pain Science and Pain Modulators by Lars Avemarie

Very interesting webinar by Lars Avemarie about Pain Science and Pain modulators! 🙂 Pain modulators: which factors influence pain?     0:00: Introduction 3:26: Chronic pain 9:05: Who is Lars Avemarie? 15:00: Pain Modulators 21:46: Nociceptors 25:05: Sleep deprivation 33:06: Vision and pain 36:38: Effect of colors on pain 38:40 Influence of small on pain …

Webinar by Jarod Hall: “Avoiding Nocebo”

Dispelling myths with Jarod Hall with his great webinar: “Avoiding Nocebo”. We should stop searching for things that are wrong with our patients and use different words. Jarod explains this very well and gives examples how to do this. Must see for all physiotherapists!